Interactive experience description

Did you know that until the 18th century Aachen belonged to the diocese of Liège? Our app tells you not only that, but it gives you a guided tour through the Aachen Cathedral from anywhere on earth. Use your iPhone to jump through a portal into the photorealistic scan of the cathedral! Observe every detail – even the ones not accessible to the general public – without crowds of tourists.

Our tour starts on the outside with the different development phases of this unusually complex architectural structure. On the inside we continue with the rich equipment of the building: antique columns, Carolingian bronze work, great goldsmith work from the 11th to the 13th century, e.g. the golden altarpiece, the Barbarossa Chandelier, and Shrine of Charlemagne.

During this tour you will notice the multiple references in today's building to other places in the Euregio, especially to Liège.

The application will be available on the App Store in Spring 2021.

RWTH is the leader of this project.