On-site experience description

The province of Limburg (Belgium) is developing a mining experience centre at the former and best preserved coal mine site in Beringen (BE): be-MINE PIT. 

be-MINE PIT will link personal stories of the miners to the world of technology and mining machinery through storytelling. Experiencing a mine in all of its forms is a key purpose. A multimedia underground simulation will be the highlight of the tour.

Tourists visiting a mine are always fascinated with what happened underground. They want to experience this, in the same way as the miners spent many hours underground every day. Not a copy of what once was, but making the tourist actually feel, see and smell the circumstances in which the miners had to perform their everyday work, the multimedia underground simulation stimulates the senses of the visitor and gives him or her that real underground feel. Unique in the Euregio !

Specific touristic information about the city/region 

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Timeline of the on-site experience

The new mining experience centre be-MINE PIT is planned to open in autumn 2022.

Practical info