As a still active garrison town with roots dating back to the time of the creation of Belgium in the 1830s, Bourg-Léopold has played a key role in the history of war and peace in the Meuse-Rhine region for almost two centuries.

The most eventful chapter in this long history was the Second World War. It is therefore not surprising that the municipality of Bourg-Léopold, in the framework of the Terra Mosana project, highlights the Market Garden operation and the liberation of the Euregio in 1944 - 1945.

First of all, you will discover a film showing the briefing of a British general during the "Market Garden" operation. Then you will be able to live a spectacular virtual reality experience that will put you in the role of a Spitfire pilot during the crossing of the Rhine in 1945.

Both experiences will be on display in Bourg-Léopold at the Liberation Garden, a brand new state-of-the-art World War II museum in the shadow of the Siegfried Line.

This interactive experience will be available in early 2022.

Specific touristic information about the city/region 

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